I am healed and thriving and attribute a large part of it to Michelle Iwama! 

After 9 months of excruciating pain, a misdiagnosis, a failed outpatient surgical procedure, and being told a major surgery was my only option, I knew there had to be some other alternative to get my chronic anal fissure healed. I had done a bunch of research and decided my Hail Mary would be a new treatment plan that consisted of more inner changes – led by acupuncture, meditation, diet and exercise. I still took a subscribed topical treatment and had a doctor monitor my progress, but most importantly I had to slow down and prioritize me and my healing. Michelle was the one who helped me understand this and was right along side me for the full journey. 

I started acupuncture in so much pain that I wasn’t sure if I would be able to get through the sessions, much less even begin them. I pushed through and stuck with it because even after the first session, I believed it was working inside me. It sometimes felt like a long journey (nothing compared to where I had been), but after 3 months of consistency, I was pain free and physically healed (the doctor said, “I don’t even see it anymore”)! That is the short story, but the more important part, the real journey was realizing how disconnected my whole being was. The amount of mental and emotional trauma I had also been through for 9 months was something no doctor was treating and the anxiety, even depression that I was “pushing through” was such a huge part of healing, not only my fissure, but my whole being. The outcome from acupuncture and Michelle’s guidance is where the real healing and life change happened.

The personal growth and additional physical, mental and emotional benefits I received are more than I can count or express here. But there are two examples worth noting here. One, the degree of anxiety that my body manifested had to be addressed. The tightening of my pelvic floor and the tension I was holding on to because of the pain was as much a symptom as potentially the root cause. Accepting the gift of acupuncture helped me release the anxiety and is what will keep me coming back to acupuncture as a maintenance tool and an overall self care necessity for me moving forward. Secondly, I am in my mid-40s and had not had a menstrual cycle for 12 months. I had gone to my OBGYN and was trying to accept early menopause. Michelle told me at my first appointment to not be so sure about that reality and oh my was she right! 1 1/2 months in to acupuncture I had my first period and have since been as regular with my cycles as I was before my pregnancy 5 years ago. That in itself speaks to the power of acupuncture for me. Michelle tells me I was one the one who did the work and if that’s true, it is simply because I kept showing up, committing to myself that I was worth the investment in me and my overall health. I would encourage anyone to have Michelle provide the gift of acupuncture and all of her knowledge and support to anyone who is on a journey for healing or just better overall health and wellbeing. – Tracy

“Six weeks ago I began to experience vertigo symptoms, a dizziness that affected my movements, my vision, and balance. On the third day I met with my ENT and his PA for a diagnosis and after many tests including audiology testing, I was assured that this vertigo was due to loose crystals in the ear. There were exercises to help that.
Very quickly after the diagnosis I looked for an acupuncturist who could help me with my overall yucky feeling, loss of appetite, and fear of movement. This is when I found Michelle Iwama.
She actually listened and heard what I was saying. I felt awful and wanted help. Michelle has a quiet, listening way about her and began a lengthy questioning, a calm explanation of her therapy.
She used ” cupping” on my back and shoulder area which seemed to relax that area. It was a first for me.
Then she used the needles on my legs, ears and my head and let me relax in a quiet, spa- like room and atmosphere. When you’re this dizzy, you have this over all tension in your body and your eyesight is compromised to the point you don’t want much light, movement and you don’t want to read or see bright, big or moving objects. Goodbye grocery shopping, Costco visits, reading books and use of my laptop. Nothing felt very good until a few of these sessions with Michelle, enough so that I could start physical therapy at the hospital.
I am so grateful to her therapy, knowledge of the body and years of study that she put into this career. She heals you, encourages you and cares in a way that is understated but unmistakable.”

Kelly – Retired 

“Before two months ago I would have never thought of having acupuncture. But a friend of mine went so I decided to try it. Oh it is wonderful. It has helped my stress level and my pain in my neck. But most amazing is I had a severe cough for nearly 2 years. I went to my primary physician several time, I went to a lung dr, an allergy dr and finally a GI dr and had an endoscopy. Took antibiotics, nose sprays and steroids to no avail. But when I started acupuncture and had the cupping my cough is gone. Everyone has noticed my cough gone and asked me what cured it. Amazing and wonderful! The cupping is my favorite.

I highly recommend Ardent Acupuncture. She is very calm and soft spoken that really helps relax you when you visit. She takes the time to listen to your problems and works on those problem areas. Her office is very quiet, clean and sanitary.”

Sarah – Retired 

“I had never tried acupuncture before going to see Michelle. She was recommended by a family member and after a year of chronic neck pain and several different types of treatment with no relief, I decided to give acupuncture a try. Michelle was extremely thorough in understanding my medical history and what options I had tried previously for my neck treatment. She also talked to me about acupuncture treatment and how it works. Being my first time, it was very important for her to make me feel completely comfortable with the treatment she was planning. When I left her office that day I was completely relaxed and felt great! The few days after the first treatment were the best three days (in terms of pain) I’d experienced in the past year. I really appreciated Michelle’s knowledge and bedside manner for a first time patient and will continue acupuncture treatments in the future.”

Jennifer – Project Manager

“I thoroughly enjoyed my Acupuncture experience at Ardent Acupuncture! I never had acupuncture before and was a little nervous. Michelle was so patient and explained everything. My initial complaint was teeth grinding due to tension. Acupuncture helped with overall health and I noticed improvements in areas that I hadn’t realized were there. I ended up trying the cupping as well, and LOVED it!! I felt so calm after every cupping experience! The cupping relieved my anxiety and tension and I stopped grinding my teeth! That was huge for me, as it was causing terrible headaches. I recommend Michelle to everyone, and am now going to take my daughter for menstrual cramps.”

Lisa – Corporate Sales

“I have experienced several sessions of acupuncture. I can honestly say I am now a fan! I have found relief in a shoulder that had given me issues. When my sessions are over I feel relaxed and a sense of well being. I initially had reservations about the needles, but through education, patience and understanding, Michelle helped me to feel at ease with the whole process. It ended up being a great experience! I would highly recommend my closest family and friends. I have confidence in Michelle’s extensive skills and I know my loved ones would be treated with the utmost respect and professionalism.”

Valerie – Administrative Assistant

“Ardent Acupuncture is in a clean, updated facility that you can relax in. Michelle is great about remembering what you prefer for each treatment and I appreciate how she is always punctual, prepared, and very professional. She is easy to talk to and confide in and will put you at ease. If you are considering acupuncture make the first step by having your first consultation at Ardent acupuncture and Michelle will ease you into it and will do only what you are comfortable with. If she recommends cupping, try it! You will walk out feeling amazing.

Acupuncture has put my digestion on track, reduced my stress, made me overall happier, and helped me get pregnant after 2 years of fertility issues. The Dr. told me IVF was my next option, but acupuncture got my body ready for pregnancy and allowed it to happen naturally. And it happened in just three short months of working with Michelle! Acupuncture will only bring you healing, it cannot harm you, and you have nothing to lose. After cupping (feels like a massage) and my wonderful results I am a customer for life!”

 Olivia – Teacher

“Thank you Ardent Acupuncture for another great session. I appreciated the additional cupping technique on my back. I felt relaxed, comfortable and cared for. Professional and friendly, I would definitely recommend and refer others to this business.”

Carol – Grad Student

“I’ve had the pleasure of being a patient of Ardent Acupuncture and have experienced the benefits of acupuncture physically, emotionally and mentally. I am finding that it crosses into all areas of keeping my body healthy and in sync. Michelle is genuine in her care and is so good about explaining everything… from herbal remedies, to relaxation and reflexology, to acupuncture and cupping. She is dedicated to health and wellness, and seamlessly mixes eastern and western medicine. Our 12 year old son has also been a patient and I recommend her to all ages. Her office is beautifully decorated and spa-like, making it easy to relax and enjoy the time you spend receiving treatment. I look forward to my appointments and leave feeling rested. Michelle takes the time to truly listen to my aches, pains and symptoms and sincerely works to find the best course of healing. No doubt, acupuncture will be part of my life-long wellness.”

Gabriella – Realtor

“I have been going to Ardent Acupuncture for over a year now and look forward to each of my by weekly treatments. Michelle is a highly trained professional. The atmosphere in the office is peaceful and calming.
I had the privilege of knowing Michelle while she was going to school and receiving her training. I know she is very prepared and knowledgeable about everything she practices. I first began going in for help with hot flashes. I had very little knowledge about acupuncture and was not sure what to expect. Michelle was very patient and kind when she explained everything she does, including showing me the tiny needles she uses, and explaining the cupping. Over time, the treatments have helped to curb the flashes and have given me amazing relief. I typically fall asleep during my time in her office as it is very relaxing. The needles are really tiny and I often don’t feel anything when she is placing them. I love that she really listens to me and asks questions to be sure that the treatment she plans out is what is best. She will make adjustments as needed to cover anything I may be needing help with such as body pain, trouble sleeping, digestive trouble and more. I highly recommend Michelle Iwama and Ardent Acupuncture to anyone seeking relief from a variety of health and well being issues.”

Sophia – Teacher

“Michelle is really great! She really takes the time to get a complete medical history, she puts you at ease, and happily explains not only what she is doing but how it can help you. She has a soft and calming demeanor and the level of conversation is just right. My experience with Michelle compared to my previous experience with military acupuncturists is like night and day. Whenever I am in town, I will try to make the time to come see her.”

Julianna – United States Air Force

“Michelle has been such a help with the pain associated with my spine problems (neck and lower back). She continually solicits feedback before and after treatment to determine pain relief effectiveness. I appreciate her combination of cupping and needles, as well as her helpful suggestions I can use between treatments. I would definitely recommend Michelle to most anyone.”

Joseph – Retired

“I suffered from chronic hip problems which had been diagnosed variously as sciatica and bursitis by multiple doctors. The pain seemed to originate at my hip joint but radiated down my thigh and calf. The pain was always there and I tended to limp – favoring the the good hip. At times the pain was debilitating. I went to see several doctors over the course of more than a year but none were able to provide much relief. They recommended exercises and I even had a steroid shot in the hip joint. Again not much relief. A few weeks before Christmas it dawned on me that maybe acupuncture could help. I found Michelle through a reference and began seeing her in Dec 2017. I found relief after the first visit. She treated me twice a week for 3 weeks and the results were dramatic. I am seeing her once a week now and plan to compete 10 sessions. After that I may decide to continue maintenance treatments on a less frequent basis (monthly?) . If you suffer from the kind of pain I described then I highly recommend checking out acupuncture. I also highly recommend Michelle Iwama. She is very professional and personable.”

Stephen – Business Manager

“My son injured himself during sport practice when preparing for an upcoming meet. We decided to give it a try. Within a few days, he was much better and was able to continue training. Michelle explained everything clearly and made sure my son was comfortable throughout the process.”

Jenny – Mom to a teenage son

“Michelle is fantastic. I started noticing results right away – not only with the issues I came in for but in other ways as well.

After several visits my overall health and well being are definitely improved.”

Samantha – Musician

“I took a very strange fall which led to headaches, dizziness, problems with my neck, cloudy thinking and scrapes on my face. My biggest concerns were the dizziness and headaches. I called Michelle because I wanted to see if acupuncture could help me. She was very patient and explained every procedure. I had never seen an acupuncture needle and she let me see and touch them before starting. Before starting anything she would explain what she would be doing in a very comforting and relaxing voice. She listened to my concerns as she had great follow up questions. After one session with her, my neck problems seemed to lessen. She gave me wonderful feedback on how to sleep to help my neck. In total, I had four sessions in about two weeks, and after each session, I began to feel better. I felt the acupuncture helped with the the healings of the scrapes on my face much faster than if I did not have acupuncture. My thinking is much clearer, my dizziness has gone away and I do not have the headaches I had when I came in.”

Angelica – Teacher

“I have had a wonderful experience at Ardent Acupuncture. I saw Michelle over a five month period for back and hip pain. The environment at Ardent Acupuncture is extremely professional and relaxing. My back and hip pain improved and so did my sleep quality. Thank you Michelle!”

Lacey – Administrative Assistant

“Two years ago, I first started to experience mild pain in my neck. I didn’t think too much of it and just dealt with it as it came, mainly with OTC pain medication. I started to see a chiropractor when the pain worsened after a couple of months, and that provided some temporary relief. But, as the months progressed, so did the severity of the pain along with what accompanied it. It started out as headaches once or twice, which progressed into near daily headaches a week along with uncomfortable pain. Fast forward a year, and everything was only getting worse. At this point, I had tried over a dozen medications, seen an equal number of specialists, had tried physical therapy, chiropractic, and deep-tissue massages, all to no avail. I had daily headaches, most of which were excruciating, and had even experienced migraines a couple of times a month which were accompanied by extreme nausea and horrific hot flashes. My daily life had been put on hold!

At this point, my neurologist recommended me seeing an acupuncturist. I will have to admit: I was very skeptical. The whole idea that needles being placed into specific points on my body could somehow just make all of this stop. But, I decided to give it a try. Of course, I went with Michelle, a dear family-friend, and after a thorough consultation, made a plan of treatment. I began by coming in a couple of times a week. I always looked forward to my visits: the relaxing environment, the down time I got while allowing the needles to do their thing and the sweet, calming presence of Michelle. After just a couple of weeks, I could already note a difference. The nausea episodes weren’t as bad and neither were the hot flashes. Then we moved to just once a week. And after about a month-and-a-half, the severity of the headaches were starting to die down, too. We then moved to once every other week, and little by little, my symptoms were getting progressively better and better. After just a few months, I was to the point of having virtually no hot flashes or nausea episodes and the headaches and debilitating neck pain had practically disappeared. It was a miracle! After two long years of suffering, Michelle had made it all go away in a matter of months. All of the medication and therapy and doctors I had tried didn’t help at all, but here, an acupuncturist and her needles, were able to make it all go away just like that!

I am eternally grateful to and the relief that she has provided to me. If it was not for her, I don’t know how much longer I would have had to suffer, how many more doctors I would have had to seen or how many more medications I would have had to take. Her business, Ardent Acupuncture, seeks to help people suffering with pain return back to their normal activities. As Michelle’s “About Me” page says, “[She] is passionate about helping her patients achieve optimal health.” And with her, nothing could be more true.”

Mark – Student

“As a last ditch effort to relieve foot pain, I went to Michelle. She took time to listen to my concern and completely explained acupuncture. I went in barely walking, with pain at 7-8 and as of today I can walk and pain is maybe a one. The process is simple and very relaxing, I always fall asleep. At each visit she takes time to ask questions and really listens to your answers. The care and treatment I received is top notch and I highly recommend Ardent Acupuncture and Michelle.”

Janet – Office Administrator

“This is as my first experience with acupuncture and I must say I found it to be very successful.

As a psychotherapist my days are spent with a great deal of sitting. My hip pain became most aggravating upon standing.

After 10 sessions with Michelle, I am pain free. She is very pleasant and approachable and has a very calming setting and environment. I highly recommend her process for great relief and healing of mind and body.”

Julia – Psychotherapist

“I went to Ardent Acupuncture a few weeks ago for my persistent back pain. Michelle treated me with acupuncture and cupping which reduced my pain and discomfort tremendously during my first visit and I continued to improve over the following days. I returned for a second treatment later that week which continued to improve my back and I have felt so much better since.

Michelle was very professional, wanted to know my health history prior to treatment and thoroughly explained the acupuncture and cupping procedure to me before starting. Her clinic space is very clean and comfortable which was important to me. She is extremely knowledgeable about the procedures she practices and I was very impressed with her. I will surely see Michelle again should I have other health issues in the future.

I highly recommend Michelle Iwama should you be looking for help with pain management and suggest you try acupuncture.”

Gloria – Executive Administrator

“Michelle has a beautiful gift of helping others through acupuncture. I was completely new to the treatment, but had always been curious. I have suffered with an issue for a while and struggled through many medical appointments for an answer and relief, to no avail. I feel blessed to have found Michelle and Ardent Acupuncture, and the long-awaited self-healing through her techniques. My quality of life has greatly improved and I know that complete freedom from my issue is possible and near.”

Linda – Marketing Assistant

“I had a great experience at Ardent. The room was clean and immaculate and very relaxing with the pillows and infrared heat during treatment. The acupuncture greatly relieved my pain (4 sessions) and I had greater range of motion with minimal pain. As an added bonus I bought the probiotic and vitamins and am feeling much better internally as well (less bloating and more energy)
I highly recommend if you have a chronic pain or other medical issue, come to Ardent Acupuncture and finally get healed.”

Regina – Massage Therapist

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